What new ThermoWorks product would you like to see?

ThermoPop Thermometers from ThermoWorks

ThermoWorks [Sale Page] makes some pretty sweet gear…. new Thermapen Mk4 [First Looks], Classic Thermapen [Review], ChefAlarm [Review], TimeStick, TimeStick Trio [Review], RT600C [Review], ThermoPop (pictured) and lots more including pH Meters

ThermoWorks wants to know what new products (or modifications to existing products) you as a homebrewer would like to see.  Leave a comment on this post, Send me an email, use the Submit a Tip Form or respond by social media and let me know what you think.

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1 thought on “What new ThermoWorks product would you like to see?

  1. Mike von Brew

    ThermoWorks makes great stuff, I’ve have bought stuff from them for years. I really like the RT610B-24
    LONG-STEM DIGITAL THERMOMETER, but wish that bad boy had an alarm feature. It would be great if it would beep when I hit my mash temp, or right before I reached my boil. I love that it’s 24″ long, perfect for my 15 gallon kettle, it’s IP 66/67, only thing missing is an adjustable alarm feature. It would take it from 4 stars to 5 stars in my book.


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