“Psycho Chiller” Counter Flow Wort Chiller – Save $39

Psycho Chiller Counter Flow Wort Chiller

Psycho Chiller Convoluted Counter Flow Wort Chiller from Adventures in Homebrewing.  12′ length, Inner copper is 5/8″ OD 1/2″ ID, outer copper is 7/8″.  Convoluted design to continually turbulate wort as it flow through.  Features garden hose connections for water and 1/2″ NPT threads for wort.  AIH has marked this down $39.01 to $159.99.

I posted about this back at the beginning of December when it first went on sale.  It sold out relatively quickly.  It’s back in stock as of this posting.

Psycho Chiller Counter Flow Wort Chiller$199 $159.99

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