Free White Labs PurePitch Yeast! When you Join or Renew in the AHA

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Get a Free Packet of White Labs PurePitch® Yeast When You Join or Renew!
Use Code YEAST15

from the AHA: “You can’t make delicious homebrew without yeast, and raising a glass of wort just doesn’t quite have the same appeal, so we’ve teamed up with White Labs to bring new and renewing members a special offer during the month of October: use offer code YEAST15 and receive a coupon in the mail for a packet of your choice of White Labs PurePitch® yeast, free with your purchase of an AHA membership! Redeem your coupon at your local homebrew retailer and get your brew on! Join or renew now!”

Join Now  – Enter offer code YEAST15 at checkout to redeem – Please allow three weeks for coupon to be shipped

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  1. Ryan

    Sorry, I should have been more clear. I’m actually having trouble getting my order to complete. I tried on both IE11 & Chrome at work as well as on my Home PC and when I click the “Charge my Credit Card” button it just spins for like 20 seconds and the order never completes. I’m just trying to add a year to my current membership.


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