GrogTag: Customizable Beer Tasting Mats + 10% Off Site Wide

from GrogTag:

As kids, we all had our favorite things. At our house it was always place mats. Remember those? Squares of plastic, covered in superheroes, protecting your Mom’s tablecloth from spilled milk and random food. Our Beer Tasting Mats do pretty much the same thing, but instead of protecting your Mom’s stuff, we are saving your stuff!

Our Beer Tasting Mats are huge (16” x 11”), and coated with a super durable laminate to provide a solid resistance to liquids. Like our other great products, they are fully customizable – load your own image or use our included templates to create your very own personalized Tasting Mat. Take notes right on the surface and wipe them off when you are done with any wet erase crayon or pen (we recommend the Crayola brand Wet-Erase and Washable Crayons). coupon

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