More Beer: Gesho Kitel – Ethiopian Aroma Hop Powder

New from More Beer Gesho Kit Ethiopian Aroma Hop Powder.

This aroma hop powder comes from a blend of sundried hop leaves that were gathered in the highlands of Ethiopia. There it is used in the production of Tej, a honey wine; and Tella, a beer they make using locally available ingredients.

This has been used by Dogfish Head Brewing Company in their Bitches Brew! We have also just started a couple batches here, and although they’re only halfway fermented, it’s tasting fantastic! The Tej has an almost tealike astringency to the taste; and although ours is still excessively sweet, the aroma has an amazing spice character to it. We’ll be posting a recipe online as soon as we can determine which of these batches is the winner!

Check it out Here

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