More Beer: 10 Gallon Cooler Hot Liquor Tank – $114.95 Shipped, Save $26


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Cooler (10 Gal) – Hot Liquor Tank H716 – $114.95 Shipped

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1 thought on “More Beer: 10 Gallon Cooler Hot Liquor Tank – $114.95 Shipped, Save $26

  1. EchoTony

    I have this. It came as part of the all grain system with the HLT and Mash Turn w/9″ false bottom. Pretty good set.
    As far as the cooler – GREAT! I’ll get my HLT up to 171 F and let it sit for 30-45 minutes and it’s still at 170.5 after sitting.
    The sparge assembly is super basic. It’s a PVC 3/8″ tube with some PVC pipe fitted together in a cross to sit on top of the mash turn. The plastic distributor at the bottom works well, but it will fall off after use as the PVC tube that is used to connect to the steel pipe that passes thorugh the cross will stretch over time and so you need to figure out how to keep it attached. I added some rubber gaskes I got from Harbor Freight to hold it in place. I’m now looking for a better sparge setup.
    If you are about to jump into all grain and need a HLT, this is pretty good. There’s better, but for entry level, not too bad.


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