100 Pint Size Vacuum Sealer Bags 4 mil Thick – for hops & more – $15.99 + Free Shipping

100 6x10 PINT Vacuum Sealer Bags compatible w FoodSaver™ for Food Storage 4 mil

100 FoodVacBags 6X10 Pint Size Vacuum Sealer Bags by FoodVacBags

Use to store hops, other brewing ingredients and more

I use these and I can tell you that they are nice, img_cln_img_1192-e1451946777942-300x225high quality vac bags.  They are mentioned in my FoodSaver V2244 Review.  These pint size bags can hold approximately 10.5 ounces of pellet hops.

As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $15.99.  Shipping is also free to many US addresses.

100 6×10 PINT FoodVacBags Food Storage Vacuum Sealer Bags! 4 Mil Food Saver

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

Prices, shipping and availability can change quickly. Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this post was published; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit the product page. Check the product page for current price, description and availability.vacuum bags or using the mason jar attachment.  Other uses include: storing base grains, partial dry yeast packs and storing and preserving other beer ingredients.


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