Large – 128 Ounce – NSF Certified Dry Goods Scoop [Grain Scoop]

UltraSource 128 oz. Plastic Scoop for Ice, Dog Food, Dry Goods, and more

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Perfect for scooping and moving bulk materials, dog food, ice, spices, and more
  • High-density plastic construction prevents growth of bacteria, dishwasher safe, and approved for food contact.
  • Increases sanitation by limiting contact between hands and scooping material
  • Unibody design for added strength
  • Certified NSF Standard 2 for Food Service

We’ve featured lots of scoops over the years.  Anything from 2 or 3 cup capacities up to 32 to 64 ounces.  Smaller scoops can be used for DME, smaller amounts of grain and other ingredients and larger scoops can be used for bulk grain.  If you’ve been looking for a large scoop to make quick work of building your grain bill… here you go.  At 128 ounces this comes in at a full gallon.

UltraSource 128 oz. Plastic Scoop for Ice, Dog Food, Dry Goods, and more – multiple sizes available

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