POLL: Would you like to see Northern Brewer Content on Homebrew Finds?

AB/Inbev acquired Northern Brewer in 2016

Background and commentary:

Northern Brewer was an essential part of my development as a homebrewer.  They were my go-to supplier for years as I went from extract to all grain and bottling to kegging and beyond.

When I first came up with the idea for Homebrew Finds, I floated it to one of the larger homebrewing podcasts as a… “you should do this” idea.  When they declined, I decided to do it myself.  Who was there soon after?… Northern Brewer.  Jake Keeler was one of the early believers in the idea and sponsored the site well before it made any financial sense to do so.  Not only did they help keep the servers on, Northern Brewer wrote content for Homebrew Finds.  Michael Dawson and Jake Keeler both wrote original articles about malt, hops, new equipment, techniques, how-tos and more.  They saw it as a way to communicate with the homebrewing community, homebrewer to homebrewer.  Thank you to Jake Keeler and Mike Dawson for your belief in and support of Homebrew Finds in our early days!  That’s homebrewing community at it’s finest.

Fast forward to 2016…. Anheuser Busch through their “Disruptive Growth Group” have purchased stakes in the combined Northern Brewer/Midwest Supplies conglomerate.  See: “Brewing an Exciting Future

Gary Glass, Director of the AHA has issued a statement on the purchase.  See: Northern Brewer Purchased By Anheuser-Busch Inbev,  That article has a poll.  As of this posting… “am not inclined to buy from an Anheuser-Busch Inbev-owned retailer.” has received a whopping 68.89% of the vote.  It appears this is an issue for a lot of people.

A thought from Northern Brewer’s Founder Chris Farley, found in their about section as part of an article titled “Good Beer is Your Right“…

“Beer, as Norman McClean wrote, “used to come from your town or the next town over, and not St. Louis or Milwaukee.” Thanks to the craft beer movement, this is largely the case once again – American breweries are at roughly the same number today as they were before the Volstead Act.

You make a choice, a vote, a statement every time you open a bottle of craft or homebrewed beer instead of a can from a factory with an advertising budget that could swallow your local microbrewery whole.”

For quite a while, I received very few tips for Northern Brewer related items.  That has changed recently.  I haven’t been getting tons, but I’ve been getting a few.  The community seemed to speak clearly when this all happened in 2016.  Have things changed?

My question to you is, would you like to see Northern Brewer content on Homebrew Finds once again?

Vote in the poll!

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