Cornelius Fermenter Lids – convert kegs to fermenters – $10.99 via Austin Homebrew Supply + Free Shipping Promo

Cornelius Keg Lid for Secondary Fermenter

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid via Austin Homebrew Supply.  It has a 3/4″ Hole that’s designed to accommodate a #3 drilled stopper (included) and airlock (also included).  That allows you use a Cornelius Keg as a fermenter.  Use a 5 gallon keg as a secondary for a 5 gallon batch, use a 5 gallon keg as a primary fermenter for smaller batches or use a 10 gallon Cornelius Keg as a fermenter for 5 gallon+ batches

I have two 10 gallon kegs that I use as primaries.  This allows you to do quite a few things including, easily transfer under pressure, ferment under pressure, carbonate in the primary fermenter and carbonate and serve from the primary (with a cut off dip tube).

As of this posting, this is on sale for $10.99.  That’s a 45% discount from list.  Check AHS product page for current price and availability

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid

Stacks With: As of this posting, AHS is shipping most orders of $100 or more for free to addresses in the lower 48 states.  See: Free Shipping at Austin Homebrew Supply

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