Product Idea: What do you Think??

Pictured: Blichmann’s Brew Vision Thermometer

First, I want to say that this idea may not be original and certainly won’t get us to Mars.  It’s a simple modification to an already existing thing.  It may already exist and at least kind of already exists, see Blichmann’s Brew Vision above.

I floated this idea to a company a couple years ago and it didn’t go anywhere.  I have an idea of another company that may be interested in taking this to fruition.

Idea: A reasonably priced 1/2″ NPT threaded digital thermometer for use in brew kettles.


  • 1/2″ NPT is the standard size that homebrewers use.
  • The probe should be made out of stainless steel.
  • 2″ to 4″ probe length
  • Ability to be calibrated or adjusted is important
  • My preferred design would have the probe and body threaded into a thermowell that would stay installed in the vessel.  That way thermometer could be removed while the vessel is being cleaned.
  • The body of the thermometer would need to be heat resistant to some degree.
  • A water resistant thermometer body would be preferred

What are your thoughts?  Do you think there’s a market for this?  Does it already exist?  Any ideas for features or specifications?  Use the comments section below and let us know.

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4 thoughts on “Product Idea: What do you Think??

  1. Mitch Cumstein

    Does stainless steel make sense? Yes, it is corrosion-resistant but the thermal transfer properties are pretty bad. Aluminum and copper will respond much more quickly – if that’s a consideration.

  2. Steve-o

    What is the difference between your idea and the Brewvision? they seem similar/same? What would the method of connection be for your idea? I’d like to see some standardization with the connection, since different electric controllers use different connections. Bluetooth/WiFi would be cool, but I haven’t seen a single, widely available controller be able to interface wirelessly with thermometers. (Even the one made by Blichmann, the same company that make the Bluetooth thermometer mentioned previously.)

    1. admin Post author

      Mine is a simpler (and hopefully cheaper) thermometer. Just a digital thermometer that can stand up to the task with NPT threads.

  3. Shawn

    Personally, I could see that being a good idea. I’ve seen plenty of analog NPT thermometers, but no digital. The BrewVision looks cool, but it’s pricey and you need a Bluetooth device. One thing that might make your idea more interesting, it the ability to make it modular in a sense. For normal brewing applications, you have a regular digital thermometer. But if you wanted to use the kettle as a mash tun or HLT, you could swap out the display for a temp controller connection or something along those lines. I only mention this, because I’m tempted to try my hand at kettle souring, and am still not quite sure how I’ll regulate the temperature for 24 hours. Just my thought, take it as you wish.


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