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Experimental Homebrewing: Mad Science in the Pursuit of Great Beer

Pictured: Experimental Homebrewing by Drew Beechum and Denny Conn – via Amazon

Drew Beechum is an experienced home brewer, prolific author, podcaster, television contributor and member of the AHA governing committee.  Drew’s titles include Experimental Brewing, Homebrew All Stars, The Everything Homebrewing Book, The Everything Hard Cider Book and more.  Check out Drew’s author’s page on Amazon for more about those titles.  Drew also has produced some original homebrew recipe kits including Citra Saison and Summer Saison and he has been an active member in his homebrew club the Maltose Falcons – America’s Oldest Homebrewing Club.

On a personal note, Drew has something to do with getting me into homebrewing.  HIs appearance on the brewing episode of Modern Marvels sent me on my way as a homebrewer.  I’ve been a fan of Drew’s ever since.

Drew is has kindly agreed to answer your questions for the latest installment of our Ask the Experts Series!

Submit your Question:  Four Ways – 1.  Tip Submission Form, 2.  Send me an email.  3.  leave a comment on this post OR – 4.  Comment on this Facebook post.  Please keep your question on the topics of craft beer, brewing in general and homebrewing.

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