The Bouncer Inline Beer Filter – $24.99 + Free Shipping via eBay

Bouncer Inline Beer Filter for Home Brewing – Removes Sediment Without Aeration
Keep the Dregs Out.  You can also use the Bouncer as a mini-Randall.

More About the Bouncer

From the item description…

Brew better-tasting and clearer beer, in less time, without waste or additives with BOUNCER inline beer filters. Finally, an affordable and reusable filtration solution for home brewers! Use the Bouncer inline between your fermenter and keg, or between your boil kettle and your fermenter. Removes trub, hops, and particulates without aerating. It’s easy to add to your setup, easy to clean, and easy to use. You’ll get more out of each batch, since you don’t have to avoid the trub layer as carefully. Pays for itself in a few batches!

There are three basic ways to use the Bouncer inline filter:

  • Out of the brew kettle
  • Out of the fermenter
  • Out of your serving tap

To use your bouncer out of the brew kettle, simply connect it to your brew kettle valve with standard tubing, or cut your siphon tube line near the top, and insert the barbs into the tube. Pay attention to the arrow that indicates the flow direction. Make sure you have disassembled the bouncer and dipped it in sanitizer just before you use it. Then open your valve, or pump your siphon. If the flow decreases too much, you can stop the flow, remove the bowl and filter, rinse, sanitize, reinstall, and keep going. On a heavily hopped IPA, or a 10 gallon batch, you might find you need to clear it several times.

To use your Bouncer out of your fermenter, cut your siphon tube near the top, and push the barb ends into the tubes, paying attention to the flow direction arrow. The barb ends fit a standard siphon. Make sure to sanitize right before you use it. You might find a bubble develop in the filter bowl – this isn’t air, it’s carbon dioxide from your beer. Just lift the barbed ends so they are level and the bubble should clear down the tube.

Finally, you can hack a mini Randall out of your bouncer. Try orange peels for a Blonde Ale, cracked coffee beans in a Porter, or cloves in your Pumpkin Ale.

  • Improves the taste and clarity of your beer by filtering trub, yeast, hops, and proteins
  • Built to last, use it over and over, custom molded from high quality thermoplastic and T304 stainless steel in the USA, use up to 150F
  • Saves time and beer, pays for itself in a few batches, get more beer out of each batch, easier and quicker than cold crashing or additives
  • Easy to use and clean, gravity fed using your racking siphon, no need to pressurize or pump, fewer parts to clean and sanitize
  • Doubles as a mini-Randall, simply attach to a growler filler and add fresh flavors into the glass, try citrus peels for a lighter beer, or cracked coffee for a stout

The regular model has a 3/8″ barb, so it directly fits the smaller (3/8″) racking cane hose size.


As if this posting, this is eBay offering is selling for just $24.99.  Shipping is also free to select addresses.  Check the listing for up to the minute price, description and availability.

Bouncer Inline Beer Filter for Home Brewing – Removes Sediment Without Aeration

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