Back in Stock: Oxygen Regulator w/Flow Gauge – $45

MoreBeer has picked up Blichmann’s New Oxygen Flow Regulator.  It is an O2 regulator with a built in flow meter.

About, from MoreBeer:

“Most oxygen regulators only regulate pressure but the new Blichmann Oxygen Flow Regulator measures the liters of oxygen per minute so you can dissolve the perfect amount of oxygen into your wort. It is important to know the flow of oxygen because depending on your downstream restriction the actual flow can vary a lot.

Measuring your dissolved oxygen usually would run you $300 or more but with the Oxygen Flow Regulator you can know exactly how much oxygen was put into your wort for less than $50.”

This is also available as a part of Blichmann’s Inline Oxygenation Kit.  This is a newer product that sold out after being announced.  As of this posting, the Blichmann Oxygen Flow Regulator is back in stock and selling for $45.  Shipping is free to most US addresses with a $59 order.  Check the product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Oxygen Flow Regulator BL290

AlsoBlichmann Inline Oxygenation Kit BL292 | Medline HCS5408M Best-Valued Oxygen Regulators, Latex Free, CGA540 Connector Type, Brass Sleeve

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One thought on “Back in Stock: Oxygen Regulator w/Flow Gauge – $45

  1. Andrew

    Not exactly new. I’ve been using one for years. Other homebrewing stores have been selling this exact piece for years, in various colors (green, gold, red). Blichman just wrote their name on this one and made it silver.
    Google “homebrew oxygen flow regulator” for thousands of pictures.

    Additionally, it does not measure flow, it just sets an estimated flow as written on the black endcap knob.


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