ThermoWorks 24″! Long Stem Digital Thermometer – $29, Save $20!

24″ Long Stem Digital Thermometer manufactured by ThermoWorks, creators of the nearly universally lauded Thermapen.

24″ is long enough for most mash tuns to check temperature without any concern of getting the thermometer body wet.  I have both of these.  See: A Look At: 12″ and 24″ Digital Thermometers from ThermoWorks

As of this posting, the 24″ version is marked down $20 to $29 while the 12″ is marked down $14 to $25.  Check each product page for up to the minute price and availability.

Want to save another 10%? Save 10% an Additional 10% on ThermoWorks Purchases

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One thought on “ThermoWorks 24″! Long Stem Digital Thermometer – $29, Save $20!

  1. Mike

    Anyone have a suggestion for a good, cheap thermometer that has a wire with the sensor at the end? Looking for one that I can put in my kettle when mashing BIAB that doesn’t require me to remove the lid or insulating covers to see the temp.


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