Free Refurbished Keg with Grainfather Purchase


As of this posting, for a limited time, buy a Grainfather Electric Brewing System from Home Brew Supply and they’ll throw in a free refurbished keg.  Check out Home Brew Supplies Deals & Specials Page to see if this is still going on.

I’ve had a Grainfather for a while and… I love it.  It’s really made brew days a breeze.  Look for a full review soon.

More about the Grainfather

The Grainfather is a a high quality all-in-one brewing system making all-grain brewing so easy and so slick that even beginning brewers in tiny little New York apartments will be able to make a quality ale in their own home. It features accurate built-in temperature control, a recirculation system, a telescopic design that allows for mashing/sparging/boiling all in one unit, a false bottom basket, a hop filter, and a quick and easy to use counter flow wort chiller where you’ll pump your chilled wort straight into your fermentor.

Every piece on the Grainfather is thoughtful and constructed with quality (it includes a full 12 month warranty). The integrated temperature control module enables accurate temps to be set to within one degree set your mash and boiling temps. The Telescoping design lifts out of the Grainfather so your grain bed is just above your wort where you’ll easily sparge. Ready to boil? a couple of swithes and a quick temperature setting and you’re Grainfather is quickly increasing temperature getting you to boiling temps. Chilling is a breeze with the counter-flow chiller. Hook up this badboy up to a hose (or a faucet), and you’ll have that wort to pitchable temps in a very short amount of time.


Check out the Grainfather Electric All in One Brewing System at Home Brew Supply – use coupon code FREEKEG and checkout and the keg will be added to your cart

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