AB-InBev Buys Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies


From the American Homebrewer’s Association:  “Anheuser-Busch Inbev, the world’s largest brewing company, had purchased Northern Brewer, one of the largest homebrew supply businesses in the United States, via Anheuser-Busch Inbev’s ZX Ventures “Disruptive Growth” investment group. The acquisition includes Midwest Brewing Supplies, which merged with Northern Brewer a few years ago. With the purchase, Anheuser-Busch Inbev now controls a large chunk of the annual online sales of homebrew supplies.”

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13 thoughts on “AB-InBev Buys Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies

  1. Dan

    Now you guys have a dose of the same bitter pill that Constellation gave us in buying Ballast Point and Homebrew Mart in San Diego. I’ve stopped buying anything from them and now give my dollars to a true local business, the Homebrewer. I wonder how long it will be before MoreBeer goes the same way? Or has it happened already and I didn’t know it?

  2. Mark

    I got two emails from Midwest and NB today… unsubscribed from their mailing lists with the words “I don’t do business with AB InBev owned companies”… I wonder how many others will take the same action.

  3. David Glazewski

    Living in Milwaukee we were all happier than yeast cells in a properly aerated wort when Northern Brewer announced they would be opening a store in Milwaukee. Little did we know it would be more of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With in a year all the little shops closed up because they couldn’t compete with NB. Think we have a Brew N Grow now and that’s about it and even that is out in the burbs.
    After the merger with Midwest it seemed NB was more concerned about the getting gadgets (usually crappy ones IMHO) out like the Captain Crunch and beer gun clone. In store items like some QD, hoses and things were taken out of inventory and prices seemed to go up. Just got screwed by NB on 5L flask. They charge $70 for it when I could find it online for $30 or $40 and free shipping. I will mark that to poor planning on my part but still give me hand shake or something after bending me over like that. NB went from a community to corporation feel. I will be revisiting Brew & Grow more often now. I can’t say I will not go back NB. Lets face it those 20% off one item deals are nice if you plan things properly, and I literally drive past the place on the way home from work, but I have no loyalty to them anymore.

  4. ckb

    I was literally talking to co-workers about my fear that InBev would want to control the homebrew market if it gets big enough…. Next up, grain suppliers.

  5. M Powell

    And that was the last time I ever placed an order with the empire….err. In Bev. LHBS for every purchase moving forward.


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