Stainless Steel Hop Spider – $43.95 Shipped


Stainless Steel Hop Spider.  About:”Just attach a reusable nylon mesh bag (MESH BAG NOT INCLUDED)and use the Kettle Spider to steep grains in an extract batch or to take the mess and burns out of multiple hop additions in the boil. With an ideal placement in the center of the kettle, the Kettle Spider aids in extraction of flavor, oils and alpha acids. The Kettle Spider makes bags easier to use with hops because it is open throughout the boil. Just keep adding the hops your recipe calls for. Also keeps bags off the bottom of the kettle, preventing a hole from developing in your bag.Made from 304 Stainless steel with adjustable anti-slip silicone sleeves, the Kettle Spider will fit most all kettles. Diameter of the hole: 3 3/4″. Length of Arms: 10″ Should fit kettles with up to a 22″ diameter. Tip: A 4″ Tri-Clamp fitting or Keg Lid O-Ring can be also be used to hold bags in place. Please note that this item DOES NOT INCLUDE a mesh bag.”

As of this posting, the eBay offering is selling for $43.95 and that includes shipping.  If it has expired or sold out check out the seller’s current offerings to see if it has been relisted.

Kettle Spider For Home Brewing, Hop Holder / Strainer Stainless Steel Hop Spider

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