12 Food Grade Silicone Airlock Grommets

12 QRP PLASTIC LID AIRLOCK GROMMETS 1/16" Groove White Food Grade Silicone for fermenting in Mason Jars ~ Bulk Quantities Available

12 White Silicone Grommets.  BPA Free, made from food grade silicone.  Insert into a 9/16″ hole.

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • ALL QRP® parts and products are BPA-free USDA Food Grade Compliant and are produced by a reputable food container manufacturer.
  • Includes 12 White Silicone GROMMETS fit any brand Mason jar plastic caps (1/16″ groove). THE 1/16″ GROOVE IS TOO NARROW FOR GLASS LIDS. Grommet easily inserts into 9/16″ lid hole (1/2″ may be too tight, pushing the airlock into the lid may cause the lid to crack; 5/8″ may cause a loose fit for the grommet). Grommet center hole is 3/8″ and is the standard size for Fermentation Airlocks.
  • QRP GROMMETS are made of USDA Food Grade BPA-free Compliant White Silicone and produced by a reputable food container manufacturer.

Use to add an airlock port to a container of your choosing.  I know of several grommet offerings, most don’t claim to be food grade.  That’s probably not a big deal considering that most of the time this gets little to no contact with your beer.  Having said that, it’s nice to have a food grade option.

12 QRP PLASTIC LID AIRLOCK GROMMETS 1/16″ Groove White Food Grade Silicone

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