New Stainless Steel Pump Design! + 15% Off Site Wide – See Update


ProFlow Dynamics has introduced a new high temp capable, stainless steel homebrew pump design.

It features..

  • Stainless steel pump head
  • Larger bearing length than standard Brew Pumps
  • DC instead of AC (safer), comes complete with a AC converter so it plugs straight into the wall socket.
  • The power supply operates on 120 -240 VAC so you only need 1 controller type
  • It takes up less space being half the size of a regular Homebrew pump with comparable Flow rate.
  • It is quiet, almost silent
  • Flow rate: 7.1 GPM – Max Head: 16.4 FT – Max Temperature: 230 Degrees Fahrenheit – Max Pressure: 145 PSI (10 bar) – Long Life Brushless Pump – Continual 24 hrs work – Leak Proof – Over voltage Protection – Polarity Protection

It’s selling for $129.01.  Promo code “SBI 15%” (with space and no quotes) takes 10% off this pump and everything else in ProFlow’s homebrewing lineup including stainless steel Camlock disconnects,  threaded fittings (t’s, elbows and connectors of every sort), ball valves, kettles, burners, thermowells, site, gauges, silicone tubing, Chugger pumps and more.

Silent Brew Pump – $116.11

Update; This is out of stock as of this update – Check out ProFlow’s Pump Lineup to see models that are available.  Promo code code “SBI 15%” still takes 15% off ProFlow’s Entire Homebrew Lineup,

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