New from MoreBeer: The Trub Trapper – Boil Kettle Filtration System

The Trub Trapper

MoreBeer has introduced the Trub Trapper.  A boil kettle filtration system designed to capture break material and pelletized hops in your boil kettle.

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More about the Trub Trapper

from MoreBeer…

The TrübTrapper is a boil kettle filtration system designed to capture the break material and pelletized hops – trub – in your boil kettle, and keep this unwanted material out of your fermenter, and your beer. It’s incredibly easy to use – just place it in your boil kettle and include a post-boil whirlpool step. That’s it!

Break material formed during the boil can adversely affect fermentation and produce undesirable qualities in your finished beer. You worked to remove these unwanted by-products during the boil, why put them back into your beer? Professional brewers do all they can to make sure trub stays out of their fermenters, shouldn’t you?

Pair with the Big Dipper from Hastings Brew Works for a complete whirlpool add on package.


  • Sized for 10 and 15 gallon kettles
  • Dimensions – 9” DIA x 2.7” HGT
  • Passivated stainless steel body
  • Food grade silicone gaskets capable of temps to 600F
  • FDA / BfR (EC) compliant materials and construction


The Trub Trapper BE550 – $49.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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