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Have you even needed to check or confirm the presence of bacteria in your beer, only to find that sending a sample out is prohibitively expensive for a homebrewer? Whether you’re looking to identify the point of infection in your brewing process, looking for piece of mind that bacteria isn’t present, or just satisfying some curiosity, now you can quickly and cheaply test your beer for the presence of spoilage bacteria right in your home with Fast Orange B.

Simply add a small amount of beer or wort to the tube and wait a few days. If spoilage bacteria are present, the Fast Orange media will change color from brown to bright orange/yellow. It’s that simple!

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First developed in Germany at the Weihenstephan Institute and now made by the PIKA lab, FastOrange B is now used by several prominent USA Microbrewers where it is redefining quality control procedures because of its ease of use. Tests can be taken from all stages of production in a matter of seconds, and results are returned in days rather than weeks.

Did you know that an improperly cleaned and sanitized valve on your brewing kettle is an extremely common point of contamination? Take samples from before and after the valve to confirm you’ve got it clean and sanitary. Does your beer taste different after it is on tap for a bit? Test your draft system for beer spoilers by taking a sample right from the tap. The potential to improve your beer quality by easily doing your own testing is huge!

Tubes or Swabs?
Fast Orange B is available in two formats: Reaction tubes that you put a small sample of beer into (FO111) or Tubes that include a swab for taking a sample from the surface of a piece of equipment (FO121). Think of it this way: Use the FO111 tube to check whether or not there is bacteria present in the beer itself and to help isolate where in the process it’s coming from. Use the FO121 swabs to check or confirm your cleaning and sanitizing practices, or as a way to identify which pieces of equipment are the source of infection in your beer.

  • Test samples from beer or equipment at any point in the process from kettle to tap
  • Takes only seconds to use
  • Easy visual confirmation of beer spoiler in a matter of days
  • Includes materials to test two samples

Fast Orange B – Tubes (2 x 5ml) FO111 – $7.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

Fast Orange B – Ready to Use Tubes (2 5ml Tubes with Swabs) FO121 – $8.99 + Free Shipping with a $59 order

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  1. Richard

    Thanks for the great tip. I will certainly look into picking this up with my next More Beer order and use it on my groundwater used in my wort chiller. Two beers soured from that…still ended up tasting quite enjoyable to me, but not as I had intended… an Irish Red turning into a faux Flanders Red.


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