Oxiclean Versatile Free, 3 LBs

Oxiclean Versatile Free is a popular percarbonate based cleanser.  The FREE version is dye, perfume and chlorine free.

Some homebrewers (including myself) use this as a budget replacement for PBW.

Oxiclean Versatile Stain Remover Free, 3 Pounds

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2 thoughts on “Oxiclean Versatile Free, 3 LBs

  1. Matt Youngblut

    Purchased this after reading this post on HBF. The container is actually one big bag, not 30 1lb bags. Also, compared to PBW, there is a distinct perfume-like smell. The box that I received is identical to the picture posted. I hope that this product doesn’t taint my future brews.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for letting me know Matt. I’ve removed reference to (30) 1 lb bags. Have you used Versatile Free? If so, how does the smell compare?


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