New Bru Gear Gen 2 Kettles – Prices Reset to Kickstarter Reward Levels


from Bru Gear: “To celebrate two years of the Bru Gear home line, started through our Kickstarter campaign and the shipping of the new Gen 2 kettles which are the best kettles we’ve produced, we’re doing an extra special deal on the 10 gallon and 15 gallon, basically offering them at back to the future prices and resetting them to the Kickstarter reward levels. The 10 gallon is $175 and the 15 gallon $220.”

About new Gen 2 ProBoiler Kettles

from Bru Gear: “The ProBoiler™ Gen 2 line of home brew kettles are refinements on the original ProBoiler™ that offer upgraded features for the finest home brewing kettles available.

Continuing to leverage tri clover sanitary fittings, the standard in the professional brewery, a triple layer base ensures even heating and quick boil times, and enables induction, electric or direct gas fired heating. The Gen 2 enhancements include the introduction of silicon handles for comfortable handling of the vessels, a very low profile optional false bottom (Available in the accessories section) that minimizes dead space and the internal etched gallon markings now start at 2 gallons.

The many features and benefits of the ProBoiler™ Gen 2 line, combined with exceptional quality, take the Bru Gear home brewer beyond compromise.

Kettles include:- thermowell, 3 piece SS316 npt ball valve (Optional tri clover ball valve upgrade available), 1.5″ tri clover to 1/2″ npt adapter, 2 x 1.5″ tri clover clamps & gaskets”


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One thought on “New Bru Gear Gen 2 Kettles – Prices Reset to Kickstarter Reward Levels

  1. James

    Just want to leave a comment, I’ve got a version 1 of the Bru-gear 10 gallon kettle, and I have to say it’s awesome. All my brewing friends who see it comment on how nice it is, the tri-clamps are so easy to use and the inside etchings of volume markings make brewing a cinch.


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