Yeast and Dark Grain Sale at Brew Link


To help you get dark beers going, Brew Link Brewing Company has dark grains discounted.  Prices start at just 75 cents.

Check it out – Dark Grain Sale

Also at Brew LInk…

  • $3.99 Wyeast
  • Sale recipe kits – start at $20 – includes yeast, all grain and extract – Stargazer Oatmeal Stout, Fauxfestbier and Punkin Head Pumpkin Ale
  • Discount Hops
  • Hop Grab Bag – 2 Ounces Each of 4 Varieties – 8 Ou Total

This promo is expired.  See recent finds below.

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One thought on “Yeast and Dark Grain Sale at Brew Link

  1. gilgamesh

    Their sale stuff is all really old and tired. Plus if you order grains be careful, I ordered a recipe with 95 percent 2 row and some light crystals and my beer ended up brown. You may not get what you order.


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