Stainless Top Digital Scale – 11 lb Capacity

This digital scale has a stainless top, back lit LCD display, measures in lbs/ounces and grams/kilograms and has the (in my opinion) required tare function.  Tare lets you zero out the scale with the empty measuring vessel on so that you have an accurate weight that does not include the vessel.

The 11 lb capacity is large enough to weigh grain (in two batches) for an all grain batch and the 1 gram accuracy is good enough for measuring hops.  This could also handle batches of specialty grains, DME and the like.

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One thought on “Stainless Top Digital Scale – 11 lb Capacity

  1. joemac

    I’ve had one of these scales for about 4 years now and I think I’ve replaced the batteries in it once. Use it almost everyday without issue. It will auto-tare when you turn it on which is a nice feature. Only downside is if you are weighing something bulky you won’t be able to read the screen.


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