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East Coast Yeast


East Coast Yeast’s Mission is: “To provide new, fresh, liquid cultures for your special brewing projects. Specializing in artisanal yeast blends and pure yeast strains long forgotten.”

East Coast Yeast can be tricky to find in stock.

Love2Brew has teamed up with ECY to provide customized 1 Barrel Pitches of most/many/all of their strains (including the very difficult to get BugFarm).

from Love2Brew:  One Barrel (BBL) pitches are designed for large scale brewing with Homebrew Club projects in mind. We’ve teamed up with East Coast Yeast to offer you this exclusive program allowing you to order a 1 BBL pitch size of your choice! With 20 offerings including all your favorite sour blends these yeast blends are made fresh for your project. Once your order is placed ECY will begin production and as soon as it is complete love2brew will ship them out to you and your club!

For added value we have designed a space above to enter the Starting Gravity of your large batch. With this information ECY can tailor the yeast cell count to optimum levels for your brew so a yeast starter will not be required! The 1 BBL yeast pitches (Ales, Bretts, and mixed) will have cell counts for a minimum of the recommended 1 million cells/ml wort/degree Plato. This is the only yeast offering available anywhere with that level of customization and service!

Check it out – Here

love2Brew carries many East Coast Yeast Strains in typical homebrew batch size pitches – This search sorts by availability.  Available strains will show up first.

Yeast: love2brew carries a couple lines of hard to find lines of yeast: East Coast Yeast and The Yeast Bay – If you’re looking to qualify for free shipping or just grab some hard to get yeast, consider adding to your order.

Save at love2brew: Sale and Clearance items

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