Valuebrew: Four Popular Extract Recipe Kits on Sale


Valuebrew has discounted four of their most popular extract kits – Belgian IPA, Cream of the Crop, Easy Amber and Lucky Red.  The sale includes 5 and 10 gallon versions.  Valueship Flat Rate Shipping is also in play.

Check it out – Here

These kits qualify for “Valueship“, Valuebrew’s new Flat Rate Shipping Promo

Tip: Consider maximizing Flat Rate Shipping by picking up multiple kits.  Qualifying orders over $60 and under $300 ship the same flat rate.

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2 thoughts on “Valuebrew: Four Popular Extract Recipe Kits on Sale

  1. Anonymous

    The only yeast they have is Muntons dry and US-04; everything else, including liquid yeast, is out of stock and has been for at least a month. Sad.

    1. Chris Brewer

      I know they have been having stock problems and they are working on it. All grain kits have been out of stock for some time now. I’ve been told they are on the way back.


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