StirStarter Stir Plate – $42 Shipped – Limited Time

I’ve used the StirStarter Stir Plate for years.  I ordered mine back in June of… 2009.  It’s worked very well for me.  The constant motion of a stir plate integrates oxygen, puts yeast in constant contact with nutrients, relieves built up CO2 and generally helps yeast to grow more rapidly.  That also means smaller starters.

Nikobrew has these in stock for $42 and they ship for free.  That’s the best delivered price that I’m know of.  I got word from Niko that a price increase is imminent his costs have increased on these and that will soon be reflected in the purchase price.

“Stir Starter” Stir Plate – $42 + Free Shipping

Note: This price has since gone up.  Check out – This Offering

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One thought on “StirStarter Stir Plate – $42 Shipped – Limited Time

  1. Dan

    Price increase makes total sense. I can’t even build one of these for this price, assuming I buy all components and don’t use stuff I have laying around the house. I went ahead and ordered one. Thanks.


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