Brewery Organization: Brother PT-1230PC Labeler

Label keg lines, kegs, manifolds, storage bins and more.
I’m fond of Brother labeling machines like this one that have the ability to use their TZ style tape.  The line includes a “Extra Strength Adhesive” version that works well in moist environments (like kegerators).  =
Lots of TZ Tape styles are available.  I generally use the 1/2″ Black Print on White Tape versions.  Standard Version (TZ-e231) and Extra Strength Adhesive (TZ-s231)

Brother PC-Connectable Label Maker (PT-1230PC)

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3 thoughts on “Brewery Organization: Brother PT-1230PC Labeler

  1. thadius856

    I have the Brother PT-2430PC. Miles ahead of the Dymo models.

    Print from Excel, print from their app, print any font, print large tapes.

    Best part is continuous print mode. Rewinds the cassette after the last print so you don’t waste 1-2″ of tape each time you cut it.


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