Northwest Hops: 2014 Hop Rhizomes now available for Pre-Order

Northwest Hops™ is pleased, once again, to offer our quality Hop Rhizomes and Hop Growing information. Supply is limited and our rhizomes always sell out quickly. Direct from the farm.

Available Varieties: Cascade, Centennial, Golding, Nugget, Mt Hood, Liberty

All rhizomes are $4.95 each.


  • MINI FARM KIT – 12 Rhizomes (choice between two varieties), 6 strings of coir twine (20ft in length) $53.00 plus shipping.
  • STARTER KIT – 6 rhizomes, 3 strings of coir twine (20ft in length) $26.95 plus shipping. 

Visit our store online at

Local pickups available at our store in Donald, Oregon

2 thoughts on “Northwest Hops: 2014 Hop Rhizomes now available for Pre-Order

  1. Northwest Hops

    Dear anonymous crown retailer, rhizomes are simply a portion of the crown that is harvested and sold. The quality and integrity of the grower is much more important than which type of starting material is used. Our stock is regularly tested for virus and clean, tissue culture grown material is used to revitalize stock.

  2. Anonymous

    Look at, and think about, what you’re actually buying: a dried piece of root. Hop crowns are more expensive, but they are grown from disease free stock, they’re an actual plant with leaves, and they’re grown in a greenhouse under phytosanitary conditions. In other words, they’re not a crapshoot. Look for actual crowns from a certified grower.


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