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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Northern Brewer - Buy an Irish Red Kit (All Grain or Extract) - Get a Free Every Ounce Counts Growler

Buy a Irish Red Ale Kit from Northern Brewer and get a Free "Every Ounce Counts" Growler.

This is a rare promo in the sense that most of Northern Brewer's sales revolve around extract kits.  This one works for both All Grain and Extract kits.  Bravo!

This sale is timed so... this beer will be read about St Patrick's Day.

Check it out - Here

To sweeten the deal, this bundles with... $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping

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Pinned: $50 off $250 *Growler *Hands:On Grain Storage *Refractometer *Free Ship Kits

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  1. Buy a kit get a growler? I don't get the connection. Why one free shoe insole or a free toothbrush? Makes about as much sense. These northern brewer "deals" are craptacular at best. I hope they're a sponsor, because otherwise I'm starting to question your idea of a "deal".

    1. I actually think this is a solid deal. It amounts to a 20% discount if you were getting the all grain kit. I think a lot of people can use another growler. And the whole lot ships under the flat rate promo. Midwest's promos can get a a little random, so maybe you're lumping NB and MWS together. Then again, it rarely fails... a lot of times when I decide to skip on a promo, I'll get a reader tip on it. So, maybe random is in the eye of the beholder.


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