Airtight Storage Containers [Grain Storage] + Scoop

With this combo you get two airtight containers (1 x 25 lb, 1 x 10 lb) + a scoop.  The containers are BPA free and FDA compliant for food storage.  My rule of thumb on pet food weight to grain weight conversion is based on popular the Vittles Vault II container.  That is rated for 40 lbs of pet food.  It is said to hold 50 lbs of grain.  So, an estimate is 25% more grain that pet food.  That puts the 25 lbs container at 31.25 lbs of grain and the 10 lb container at 12.5 lbs of grain.  These are estimates.

IRIS Airtight Pet Food Container Combo Kit, Blue Moon/Gray

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One thought on “Airtight Storage Containers [Grain Storage] + Scoop

  1. Bobber Brews

    We also use these to keep the moths out of our pet food. I recommend them. And now it is at $20.99, thanks for the link!


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