Reader Tip: Big QCDay – 2 Beers Analyzed for $139

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From White Labs:
2 Beers Analyzed for $139.00! A $500 Value!
How close is your beer to the intended style? How does your beer compare to others around the nation? How does your in-house testing compare to an independent lab? 

Participate, and you may get 2 beer analyzed for:

  • IBUs
  • pH
  • Alcohol
  • Calories
  • Diacetyl
  • Extract & Attenuation
  • Color
  • Bacterial Contaminants
  • Wild Yeast Contaminants

SAVE OVER 70% by participating in our Big QC Day!

Save time and money while gaining valuable insights to your beer. The process is simple & convenient! 

  • Order your Test Kits by September 7th
  • Send in your samples by September 23rd with the prepaid postage included in the kit
  • Results will be available online within weeks for your convenience

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