15 Gallon Ported, Stainless Kettle, Back in Stock – $109.99

Adventures in Homebrewing’s 15 gallon kettles are a great deal!

The 1 port version of this kettle has been out of stock for months.  It’s back in stock this morning.

The ports on these kettles are 1/2″ NPT full coupling and welded into place.  There’s no drilling a hole yourself and no messing with weldless kits.  The one port version would allow you to add a ball valve and a kettle diverter or screen.  The two port version would allow you to install a thermometer and a ball valve and kettle diverter or screen.

  • Pot measures about 16″ (Diameter) by 18″ (Height)
  • ID is 15.625″ (Diameter) x 17.875″ (Hight)
  • Weighs just over 12 lbs

15 Gallon Stainless Kettle 1 Port – $119.99 $109.99

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