Nikobrew: Storewide Sale – Every Price Reduced – Starts Saturday

From Nikobrew:

Fellow Homebrewer:

We are pleased to announce our first ever Inventory Turnover Sale. What is that, you may ask? We’re cutting the prices of EVERY variety of hops. Some will be discounted more heavily than others, and some will be screaming deals…You may even see pounds of Simcoe at 15% off, or Styrian Golding at 25% off.

The catch is that once we sell out of our current on hand stock of a variety or increment we will not be restocking it until after the sale. Our goal is to turn over as many varieties as possible. Some may sell out in just a few hours, and some may make it the entire sale. There’s no way to know and that’s part of the fun.

Begins 12PM MST Saturday 3/9
Ends 6PM MST Tuesday 3/12 or while supplies last

There will be no coupon required.

If you are the purchaser for a homebrew shop or brewery and would like wholesale information please click the “Wholesale” link at the top of our site and fill out the short form.

Standard Nikobrew $5 Flat Rate Shipping applies on all domestic orders (yes Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO this means you too!). International shipping is $25 USD for 4 full pounds or 3 1/2 pounds of mixed increments and international customers must use PayPal as their payment method.

-Niko and Crew-

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5 thoughts on “Nikobrew: Storewide Sale – Every Price Reduced – Starts Saturday

  1. Anonymous

    You can get Simcoe Calyspo and Falconers Flight cheaper from Without even a sale going on. I heard you can use the code freethehops for a discount on top of it.

  2. Joshua Walters

    Snagged a pound of Calypso and a pound of Falconer’s Flight for $33.50 shipped. $1.05/oz not bad!


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