FastRack Bottle Storage System

I noticed that Adventures in Homebrewing has recently picked up the FastRack line of bottle racks.  This looks like a neat system for stacking, drying and storing bottles.

1 FastRack and 1 Tray – $24.99

2 FastRack and 1 Tray – $29.99

3 FastRack and 1 Tray – $39.99

4 FastRack and 2 Tray – $54.99

1 FastRack Tray (no rack) – $9.99

4 thoughts on “FastRack Bottle Storage System

  1. Casey Binkley Mitchell Lesbirel

    Hey Guys – Thanks for all the great comments & feedback!

    We are excited about the great results homebrewers have been having with FastRack.

    See you guys in Philly at the Homebrew Conference.

    Cheers – Mitchell


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