Brewer’s Friend: New iPhone App & February Updates

Brewer’s Friend has announced a slew of new updates including a new iPhone app!, Label Generator, QR Codes, Share Recipe by Link Feature and more.

The Brewer’s Friend iOS app is priced at $5.99.  This is billed as an introductory price.  As features are added it’s said that the price will go up.

Brewers Friend for iOS – $5.99

Brewer’s Friend is a set of tools and information to help you brew your very best, every time. It is easy to use for beginners and sufficiently advanced to handle any kind of recipe or brewing method (including All Grain, BIAB, No Chill, …). The site has lots of free beer recipes, calculators, and inspirational blog articles about home brewing. The site is mobile enabled and goes with you anywhere! Brewer’s Friend offers an unlimited duration risk free trial for their cloud based recipe builder and brewing system. They upgrade the site all the time.

Are you new to Brewer’s Friend?  Sign up for unlimited length free trial account – here

Already using Brewer’s Friend?  Read about the updates – here

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