Nikobrew: El Dorado, Meridian, Amarillo Available And Price Drops on Other Hops

From Nikobrew:

Fellow Homebrewer:

We just put the following hops online:
2011 Amarillo 2oz – $5.50 – While supply lasts
2012 El Dorado 2oz – $5.50 – While supply lasts
2012 Meridian 2oz, 8oz, and 1lb – $3.75, $14.50, and $25 – Introductory pricing

El Dorado – You may have tasted this hop if you were at the National Homebrew Conference in Washington last year and went to the talk about new hop varieties, where it blew everybody away, including our very own Warehouse Enforcer Scott. His reaction to it put me on a hunt for this variety and I finally tracked some down. It’s 15.3% AA, and has a candy-like aroma that is very orange/lime/citrus. Tropical fruit has also been used to describe this delicious variety…just writing this is making my mouth water 😛 We have a very small amount of El Dorado which is why it’s only available in 2oz packs.

Meridian – This is a bit lower alpha at 6.7% AA and sounds amazing in a single hopped pale ale. “It smells like bubble gum and fruit punch” said Warehouse Enforcer Scott as he bagged these up last night. Sounds fantastic! Here’s an interesting write up of how Meridian came to be: Here


We recently dropped the prices of several varieties:

2012 CTZ – Now $10/lb from $13/lb
2011 Warrior – Now $16.50/lb from $23/lb
2011 Centennial – Now $20.50/lb from $27.50/lb

Standard Nikobrew $5 Flat Rate Shipping applies on all domestic orders (yes Alaska, Hawaii, APO/FPO this means you too!). International shipping is $18 USD for 4 full pounds or 3 1/2 pounds of mixed increments and international customers must use PayPal as their payment method.

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