Draft Magazine Subscription, Digital Edition – Free

Thanks to Ken for this tip!

Get a free digital subscription to Draft Beer Magazine – here

Note: This link will probably say that your session is expired.  Just click okay to continue.  This offer seems to be somewhat dependent on what line of work you are in.  Check out the comments for more information about this company and some tips on getting in on this deal.

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15 thoughts on “Draft Magazine Subscription, Digital Edition – Free

    1. Chris Brewer

      They’ve been around for quite a while. I have no doubt it’s a marketing ploy but I do think you’ll get a digital subscription. If in doubt, use your junk email address.

    2. Ken Taylor

      I have used this service a few times now. Like Chris said, use a junk email address if in doubt. But generally how this works is, bigger advertisers pay to place ads in magazines and want to see a return from their ad, kind of like how Google Ads works. The publisher pushes subscriptions to satisfy major advertisers, and when subscriptions are down they need an alternative way to get out more subscriptions in hands of consumers. This is why only certain magazines show up for certain industries, so they can get them in the hands of people that are likely to buy from their advertisers. I run a computer repair shop and receive multiple copies of free magazines to give away to my customers. The publishers know I have a target audience they are looking for and hope those people buy from their advertisers. So technically yes, it’s a marketing ploy.

      Sorry for the lengthy reply. Hope it helps.

  1. Shawn

    I just went to sign up and they were still offering it for me as Maintenance Engineer, but then they want my information. Not worth it for something free.

  2. Anonymous

    “We’re sorry, this offer has either expired, or inventory has been depleted. You are still eligible to apply for the FREE Magazines listed below.”

    Tried a bunch of combos on the drop-downs, including food/beverage industry. Anyone still getting it to work?

  3. Mark

    Just tried and got the “We’re sorry, this offer has either expired, or inventory has been depleted. You are still eligible to apply for the FREE Magazines listed below.” message…

  4. Ken Taylor

    Yes, freebizmag will only allow it, if you are in the industry that pertains to the magazine you’re ordering. This is only the second time I have seen Draft Magazine on their site. I haven’t ever come across another beer related publication on their site as well. Last time Draft was supplied as a hard copy. Also I’m not sure how they handle their “digital” notification, other times the mags just one day show up.

  5. Anonymous

    I think it depends on which career you choose. I did engineer which is what I am and it said it was not available but then I chose food biz and I got through and just made up the rest of the info. We will see if it works.

    1. John Croucher

      I just put in information randomly to see if it would work with whatever after trying my own profession a few times, and everything went through to the second page. However, I can’t do anything after that second page.


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