Reader Tip: 15 Gallon Kettle

Thanks to Facebook Friend Brandon for this tip!

Thunder Group 60 Quart Aluminum Stock Pot

60 Quart/15 Gallon Aluminum Stock Pot by Thunder Group.  Riveted handles, Commercial Grade and NSF approved.  If you need a lid.  It is available separately.

Use for a boil kettle or convert to an MLT or HLT.

Thunder Group 60 Quart Aluminum Stock Pot

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3 thoughts on “Reader Tip: 15 Gallon Kettle

  1. Anonymous

    Please include the shipping price when listing deals. It is $64 shipped. Other people have commented on this before. Putting a total price on a post is pretty much the standard for deal websites.

    1. Chris Brewer

      Unless a title reads “shipped” or “free shipping” you can infer that there are some shipping charges. In this case I added + shipping to the post title. That’s clear communication. Based on what you’re apparently seeing for shipping costs, it looks like shipping is a flat rate, that’s not always the case. I cannot post what shipping will be for every reader as we all live in different places.


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