Propane Burner and 7.5 Gallon Kettle

30 Quart/7.5 Gallon Kettle, 45,000 BTU Burner and Thermometer from Brinkmann

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Facebook Friend James: The Brinkman has served me well. Easiest and cheapest 5 gallon system to get into. I’m in the midst of expanding to a keggle system, but recommend it.

Brinkmann 815-4001-S Turkey Fryer

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3 thoughts on “Propane Burner and 7.5 Gallon Kettle

  1. Anonymous

    I have this pot. There is no shut off timer. There is a thermocouple to detect if the flame goes out. There is also a pressure switch that is under the kettle to detect if the kettle falls off the stand. I find it works very well. The switch under the pot doesn’t work though which is fine by me. It’s not the world’s most powerful burner but it is better than what a lot of my friends have.

  2. Anonymous

    This has a variety of retarded safety features. This also may have one of those retarded auto shutoff things. I have the same burner without all the “I’m too dumb to cook a turkey without cooking myself” safety features on it.

    They’re nice, but a bit anemic. Maybe 50,000k btu or something. Not bad, but not out standing. Takes maybe 30-40 minutes to boil a pot depending on wind.

    Really if you break it down, the pot itself is worth $30. So you get a burner for $30.


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