Dual Digital Display PID Controller

Product Features

  • 3 mode of Auto-Turning with PID Algorithms
  • Dual Display for Setpoint & Present
  • Support both Fahrenheit (F) and Celsius(C)
  • Lower power consumption (less than 3Watt)
  • Support SSR or Relay alarm output
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Dual Digital Display PID Temperature Controller

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2 thoughts on “Dual Digital Display PID Controller

  1. Anonymous

    would be great to have a discussion of how to use these in brewing. Both for brew day and fermentation. These seem much cheaper and more accurate than other temperature controllers.

    1. Chris Brewer

      This is an advanced topic but generally speaking… To pull this off, you need a PID controller, a relay and a thermocouple. The thermocouple is the temperature probe. The PID controller contains the logic, settings and display and the relay is a device that the PID controller can use to cycle on and off something (usually AC current).


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