Austin Homebrew Supply: Equipment Kit, Ingredient Kit and $10 toward your next purchase – $99

From Austin Homebrew Supply:

This 2 stage brewing equipment kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift. “2 stage” equipment kits use a secondary fermentation vessel called a carboy. The carboy is used to clarify and condition the beer for a week after primary fermentation before bottling the beer. This kit comes with a PET plastic carboy for secondary fermentation.

This special 2 stage beer making equipment kit includes your choice of 1 of 3 recipes, and a $10 coupon code towards your next recipe kit. For future batches, this equipment kit will work with all Austin Homebrew extract kits.

This kit includes:
• Your choice of 1 of 3 recipe recipe kits (includes yeast)

• $10 coupon code towards a second batch

• 7.9 gallon plastic primary fermenter with a lid and stopper

• 5 gallon PET plastic carboy secondary fermenter

• Medium universal stopper

• 3-piece airlocks

• 6 feet of siphon hose (3/8″ thin wall)

• Auto-Siphon (3/8″)

• Bottle Filler (3/8″)

• Red Baron bottle capper

• Bottle caps

• Cleaner/Sanitizer

• An Illustrated Guide to Homebrewing

• Toll-free technical support


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