Menards – 5 Gallon Cooler – $9.99! after Mail in Rebate

Thanks to Homebrew Finds Reader Eric for this tip!

Through 5/6/12, get this 5 gallon cooler for $9.99 after mail in rebate.

Menards 5 Gallon Cooler – $9.99 after MIR

Rebate is good towards a future Menards purchase.

I assume that this will work with cooler conversion kits as an HLT or mash tun.

This is a great deal.  From personal experience, I would suggest that you consider whether 5 gallons is large enough to use as a mash tun.  I started with a 5 gallon mash tun and soon realized it was just too small for the beers I make.

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One thought on “Menards – 5 Gallon Cooler – $9.99! after Mail in Rebate

  1. Homebrew Finds

    Sweet, I’ll put a link to that in the post. I looked around for a good supplier, but just didn’t find anything. Thanks.


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