Labeling Your Homebrew, part 2

A couple of days ago, I wrote about labeling options for your homebrew.

Another option is a label printer.

I like the Brother QL-570.

Brother QL-570 Professional Label Printer

This printer uses the DK style of label rolls.

The 1″ round labels work for crown caps.

Brother 1 Inch Round Paper Label (DK1218)

The 2 3/7″ Continuous Film Labels are another option.  These are cool because they are water resistant.  They are made out of a plastic film not paper.  Also, because it’s a continuous roll, you can make whatever length of label you want.

Brother Continuous Length 2-3/7 Inch Wide Paper Label Roll (DK-2205)

The downsides of going with this type of labeling are- cost, the printer and labels are a bit pricey and black only printing.  The upsides are- print the exact number of labels you need when you need them, no partially used label sheets, and some neat label options.

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