YalePro Pump, Stainless Head

YalePro PUMP, onesize, Inline

YalePro PUMP

  • 3/4″ MPT inlet and outlet, easily attach barbed fitting and plastic tubing
  • Maximum liquid temperature of 250 deg Farenheit
  • Stainless steel head with Teflon washer and impeller
  • 115 volts working voltage with 4. 5 feet long wire
  • Maximum flow rate of 7 GPM and maximum head of 18. 6 feet

YalePro BP5822 beer brewing pump is your best choice for moving liquids in your home brewing projects. Use this pump to move beer between kettles or to quickly chill containers by circulating chilled water. This is not a self-priming pump and should not run dry. For pumping oil, oil should not be more viscous that SAE20.

YalePro PUMP, onesize, Inline

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