William’s Brewing Fermenter Cooling Setup – on sale for $79.99, save 33%!

Summer Cooling Package Special

Cooling Package Special from William’s Brewing!

Do you want accurate temperature control but don’t want to spring for an expensive Glycol chiller? This submersible pump kit will allow you to connect it to a bucket of ice water, or to a bucket inside a refrigerator. The submersible 12 volt pump goes into the bucket, and a return line hooks onto one side of the included Temp Twister to return the cooling water to the bucket. Also included is our item Q91 Dual Controller for precise temperature control.

This can be used with any fermenter that will fit a Temp Twister Cooling Coil, including all KegLand Fermzillas as well as bucket fermenters like our E07 Siphonless.

Use this with a item Q91 Dual Controller for precise temperature control. The 12 volt submersible pump features suction cups for mounting to any smooth surface. The long 68″ (5.5′) hoses mean you can position your ice water bucket and fermenter up to 5′ apart for easier setup.

William’s Brewing Cooling Package Special

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What does this work with?  This is designed to work with all Kegland FermZilla Fermenters, BUT can be used with any fermenter that can accommodate a KegLand Temp Twister

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