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William’s Brewing has announced the availability of winter seasonal strains. Check out the Seasonal Strain’s page for a list of current offerings.

Seasonal Wyeast Labs Strains at William’s Brewing

Used Barrels!!

Oak Barrels for Aging Homebrew!

Oak barrels can be used to used to age stouts and porters, age other beer styles, make sour beers and more.

New oak barrels can be had in sizes ranging from 1 liter all the way up to 1 barrel/53 gallons. As with most things 5 gallons seems to be a sweet spot for a lot of brewers. Larger barrels can be good for prolific homebrewers or group brews and smaller 1 to 5 liter sizes are great if you’re wanting to give barrel aging a try without a huge amount of expense or space.

More About Smaller Barrels:

Smaller barrels can also be dual purpose: You can age one (or more) batches of still spirits and at that point, the barrel becomes a used whiskey barrel that you can use for beers.

A past description from William’s Brewing re: their smaller barrels explains this well:

“When you distill a spirit, it invariably comes out clear as water. Put the clear spirit in contact with charred American Oak, and it turns amber and mellow over time with toasted wood vanilla-like richness. Want to speed up the aging process? Our new American Oak Barrels are charred on the inside for Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequilla, Rum, and Brandy aging. The large wood surface contact area per ounce compared with commercial 53 gallon barrels means this will age spirits much quicker than larger barrels. Handmade in Mexico following centuries old cooperage methods; the valve is wood and sealed with leather, and the top plug is wood and sealed with a wrap of leather. No plastic, glue, or rubber are used in construction.”

Hard to Find In Stock…

Since I started doing Homebrew Finds 5 gallon barrels have been a tough find. They would generally become available in batches and usually sell out quickly. In the past couple years this has become even more of an issue. I think this stems from distilleries using these smaller sizes less and less. There have been some times recently where I was aware of no in stock options.

As of this posting, Williams has a limited number of freshly drained whiskey barrels in stock.  Get them while you can!


  • William’s Brewing has select expired or soon expiring yeasts on salee
  • Prices start at just $2.49.
  • Check Clearance Page for current selection and availability.
  • Shipping is free or reasonably priced flat rate to addresses in the contiguous US depending on your order size for most items.

Web Only Clearance

Web Only Clearance:

williams brewing clearance

William’s Brewing has an ongoing Web Only Clearance.  That features discounts on a regularly changing selection of gear and supplies.

DuoTight Compatible Plastic Carbonation & Line Cleaning Ball Lock Caps… $4.99

Molded Carbonation & Cleaning Cap via William’s Brewing

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

This molded male ball lock valve coupling cap that fits a 2 liter or smaller plastic soda bottle with a 28mm screw cap lid. This allows the 2 liter bottle to be charged with C02 from any female ball lock gas fitting (like our item D32 or D03 Gas Connector), carbonating the cold beverage in the bottle. Great for serving draft beer away from the keg. Also fits the Brewzilla in and out ports on the lid, and the Brewzilla Collection Jar ports for pressurizing the Brewzilla fermenter. The hose barb on the bottom is also compatible with our DuoTight fitting Z84 and C55 which lets you easily attach a ball lock fitting to an EvaBarrier 8mm or 9mm outer diameter line.

This has a hybrid ball lock post that will accept beer and gas lines.



What are these used for?

  • PET Bottles as Growlers: These are generally intended to convert 1L and 2L bottles to growlers.  Fill up a 1L or 2L PET bottle with your favorite homebrew.  Put one of these on (purge the headspace by squeezing if you want to) and then pressurize for transport.  This should help to reduce oxygen pickup and maintain carbonation levels.
  • Fine tune or rapidly carbonate beer: You can also use this cap to rapidly carbonate beer.  Same process as for transport, just set your regulator to the proper pressure and shake or agitate the PET bottle to help introduce CO2.  Or hook it up to CO2 and let it sit in you kegerator.
  • Flushing Carboys, Fermenters and Kegs – As a piece of tubing the barb, hook to your CO2 line and use this to flush receiving vessels with CO2 to reduce O2 pickup.
  • Draft Line Cleaning Projects:  I have developed two draft line cleaning projects using similar (but different) caps – Build A Recirculating Draft Line Cleaning Pump | Mark II Keg and Carboy Cleaner Draft Line Cleaning Pump Conversion | My Simple Draft Line Flushing Buil

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A great deal!

Molded Carbonation & Cleaning Cap

Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter… $2.99

Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter

Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter via William’s Brewing

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Make a ball lock keg out out of PET plastic bottles. Great for taking beer to a party or making your own mini keg system with a 2 liter soda bottle.

This tee piece enables you to attach both a liquid and gas ball lock disconnect to the bottle at the same time so you can essencially use a common PET bottle as a keg. Very handy with a two liter soda bottle, as you can get a short length of ¼” interior diameter silicone tubing, attach it to the top Carbonation Cap (not included), fill with beer, and put in the refrigerator, either upright or sideways.

Or if you have Nukatap or Intertap faucets on your draft system, make a draft system cleaner – fill a soda bottle with beer line cleaner, attach an optional ball lock adapter to the end of your Intertap/Nukatap Faucet, and open the faucet to force cleanser into your draft beer system and down the lines.

Note: This is for the tee piece only. You need a soda bottle with standard PCO 1881 thread, 2 item C35 Carbonation Caps, and some ¼” interior diameter tubing to complete your soda bottle keg conversion.


This tee in conjunction with compatible carbonation caps can convert PET bottles into mini kegs or for use flushing or cleaning draft lines.

Related Reviews: Hands on Review: Kegland 2.5 Liter Growlers | Hands on Review: Kegland Ball Lock Cleaning Kit &… Party Pump

A great deal!

Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter

Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler… $59.99

Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

More Info

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Do you having a kegging system with beer faucet, and want to bottle kegged beer? The Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler is an easy way to fill bottles directly from your beer faucet while preserving carbonation in the bottle. The O ring sealed beer inlet nipple press fits into any beer faucet with 10.0 mm inner diameter spout/nozzle including Nukatap, Intertap, Perlick Forward Seal, and Ventmatic faucets.

For the gas inlet side, a male ball lock fitting is provided, so you can use any ball lock gas connector to attach the C02 purging gas. This gas should be at the same pressure as your kegerator dispensing gas, and should be connected to your kegerator C02 regulator. Not Included: you will need a spare gas line from your regulator kegging system with a female ball lock on it to connect your purging C02 gas.

The integrated counter pressure relief valve gives you control of the counter pressure and thus the filling speed. How fast the bottle can be filled without too much foaming depends on CO2 level, beer temperature and bottle temperature. Keep everything cold for the best results.

Fits all 16 ounce and 32 ounce ‘Grolsch’ style swing top bottles.


This connects directly to your compatible forward sealing faucet (Intertap, Nukatap and more) and allows you to easily counter fill bottles directly from the tap.

This is DuoTight compatible, although you don’t need to use DuoTights throughout your entire tap system to use it.

Nukatap’s Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

Compare: Nukatap Counter Pressure Bottle Filler via MoreBeer, $79.99 as of this posting

Announcing: Oxebar Kegging!

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