THREE x Carbonation Tee Caps… $11.99 + free prime ship & Fun With Carbonation Caps

3 x Carbonation Cap Tees

3 x Carbonation Cap Tees

Highlighted Features
  • Realize Oxygen Free Carbonation on PET Bottle: simple tee fitting adapter enables you to attach both liquid and gas ball lock disconnect to carbonation cap and bottle at the same time, you don't need to switch gas ball lock to liquid disconnect avoiding oxidation of beer, provide an oxygen-free environment for your carbonation process on drinks bottles, beverage can keep fresh longer, you can turn a common soda bottle to a keg or pressurizable growler, great for all homebrewers.
  • Reduce CO2 Loss when Do Brewing Cleaning: this kegging kit includes 3 pieces of carbonation cap tee adapters, which enables you to carbonate beer on several bottles in the meantime, awesome gadget kit for the homebrewer. you can use it to run the cleaner through beer lines from a small soda bottle preventing a larger keg from wasting more co2. each carbonating cap tee fitting is backed by reliable product quality, we will unconditionally solve your problems if you are not satisfied!
  • No Leaking and Withstand 60-Psi Carbonation Pressure: these carbonation cap tee connectors come with sealing washers, which will prevent beverage leaking from the connection between the bottle and bottling cap tee adapter, enables you to close-transfer beer from your keg into a soda bottle. this tee fitting can withstands 60 psi carbonation pressure, counter pressure as you slightly unscrew to release pressure, dispense beer with a picnic tap and portable co2 source on-the-go.
  • Compatible with Standard Thread Plastic Soda Bottles: this 1-1/8-8UN female thread bottle filling cap 3-way connector is very handy for two liter soda bottle. fill the bottle with beer or soda, the female threaded end is to attach to your beverage vessel, the other 2 male threaded ends are to attach to your carbonation cap and ball lock disconnect, put bottle in refrigerator upright or sideways during carbonation process, excellent tool if you are making homebrewing and kegging.
  • Perfect for Various Brewing Occasions: MRbrew carbonation cap tee adapter is made of healthy plastic, no odors, will not bring strange smell to the carbonation drinks. there are a lot of things you can utilize this for, it allows you to serve your home brew beer, soda water, iced tea on barbecue, beach, lake or holiday parties, other outdoor activities, brings big convenience to your mobile kegging.


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[3 PCS] MRbrew Plastic Carbonation Cap Tee Adapter, Allow Gas In and Beer Out Simultaneously, Homebrew Kegging Soda Beer PET Bottles Ball Lock Type Counter Pressure Bottle Filling Cap 3-Way Connector – affiliate link, note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Possible Applications…

… Line cleaning setup of convert compatible PET bottles to mini ball lock kegs – See: Hands on Review: Kegland Ball Lock Cleaning Kit – that features a different tee, but similar idea and…

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